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E-Commerce Shopping for your own website
We are offering online e-commerce software solution @ attractive price of Rs. 30,000/- one time only which is very nominal in today's context. One who is aiming to run his own online shopping website can afford our product easily. Keeping in mind that one who has budget constraint can open online shopping website by using our cost effective product. We have kept in mind that it must be quality oriented and affordable as well. While operating it should be as simple as like alphabats (A.B.C.D) so that even a layman can use with ease.

It does not matter how many projects delivered to clients but it matters most how many satisfied clients with you and still serving. We have that type of MNC/Corporate client base with us serving from last 10 years.

We will install our software to function your website as e-commerce website. You will manage your shopping cart your own by using admin control panel.

What you will get :

  1. You will get fully functional software installed on your website and functional on your website.
  2. We will send you details of login information of admin panel.
  3. We will set up basic things like acceptable currency, payment gateway and other stuffs.
  4. We will connect to your Paypal merchant account by which you will receive online payment via credit card.

What you will have to do :

  1. You need to create product category
  2. If you have sub category under main category kindly create.
  3. Put your product range under specific project categories.
  4. Put pics along with product details and other relevant details like price, quantity, size, color etc.

Technology Used :

  1. You need to provide us Linux Environment in your hosting account.
  2. PHP (script) + MYSQL (database)

In brief what software can manage online :

  1. Unlimited Categories
  2. Unlimited Products
  3. Unlimited Manufacturers
  4. Multi Currency
  5. Multi Language
  6. Product Reviews
  7. Product Ratings
  8. Automatic Image Resize
  9. 20+ Payment Gateways
  10. 8+ Shipping Methods
Project Cost : US $ 5000/- OR pay in ( INR Rs. 3,00,000/- only )
Buy our software to make you online Shopping Website
You can make payments via your PayPal account or any major Credit Card.

NOTE : Please let us know at info@vtechvision.com after making the payment and send us the website' hosting information so that we can do the rest to make it live.
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